What is Mobius?

Mobius is powerful, self learning recognition software that has been modified for use with camera cell phones; it is the engine powering numerous mobile applications. It is the intuitive, easy to use link to the digital universe. Users need only to take a picture with their cell phone and a specified action occurs. This can be a query for information from an advertisement, entering a contest, requesting a movie trailer, receiving a coupon or donating to charity. The possibilities are virtually endless. Simply Point-Click-SendTM.

What we offer

With Mobius as your business partner, a whole new world of marketing innovation comes to light. With our permission based, interactive model, the consumer becomes an active participant in your campaign. Our image based recognition allows for the flexibility of tying into an existing promotion or developing a new high impact campaign from scratch.

Some benefits of Mobius technology include:

Let our team of professionals work with you to develop a highly effective and measurable campaign. Our image recognition capability will go a long way in preserving, promoting or establishing your brand. Contact us for more information. Let's get started.

Mobius 101..

It's really quite simple, you send us a picture and we will try to tell you what it is. Where it came from, who makes it, where you can buy it, how much does it weighs, what color is it, if you can eat it, smoke it or drink it. Where you can dispose of it and who all has it. You don’t need a special phone or special software; it just works with all phones in all networks globally. Pretty cool stuff considering you can already do it, just didn’t know you could, that is until now. Soon you will be able to define what you want others to see when they take a picture of the same object or whatever you photographed and sent to us.

Mobius is a sophisticated self-learning object image recognition engine. It is able to identify objects in an image that we tell it to look for. For example, a consumer can take a photo of a television ad, magazine print ad, poster, POS display, computer screen or consumer packaging with their cell phone, send it to the web address and the brand can respond directly to that consumer with any type of marketing communication. No codes required. No software required. The Mobius process works across all carriers and all camera cell phones in the US and globally.


mobiBIZ Your face is your business card...

MobiBIZ is a user experience (Face Recognition) design application with a twist. With our groundbreaking AI visual recognition engine process, we make it possible for you to use your face as your personal thumbprint. Using this self learning AI technology Mobius learns with each new face, we craft psychology-based human interaction with useful new technologies that are wildly successful. We create applications people love to use.


mobiTWIN so people often tell you, did you know you look like....

To implement our innovative solutions, we even named our web site mobiusWORLD.ME because we are all about you. Mobius learns what it sees so it enables us to swiftly build full-featured amazing applications much faster than programmers locked in a glass tower, because what we build are the things you are asking for, well to be correct mobius is doing it.... Want to see an example of our mobiTWIN application? Simply send a picture of your face to twin@agm.tw and we will try to find your twin anywhere in the world. What you do then is up to you, but with 46 chromosomes and the population approaching 7 billion people, there is a very high likelihood that there is another one of you walking around on this plant right now.


mobiBUY using simply a picture message you get all this...

And for those of you who love to shop well it’s fun and easy now with mobiBUY. Simply take a picture of the barcode or the product box or package and we will try to find the item for you and a store that is closest to where you are standing that has that item for the right price. You are in charge to make informed decisions, we are here to help. Simply send a picture of anything to buy@agm.tw if we can’t find the item we will let you know, if we do will tell you who has it for less.

A unique way of looking at people

Why are you here reading this? Why did you buy your car? Why do you love to shop? Why?

When you are looking for unequivocal positively repeatable result look to Mobius

When Mobius is engaged through this interactive process it results in:

Why do we do it, you guessed it... Because it’s fun

In today’s world where you are inundated with ideas and gadgets and products that all claim to be game changers, this project is one that is surely about to do just that. In the way electricity transformed our lives, Mobius is about to do the same. You will never look at anything around you in the same way again. We love our work and enjoy helping our clients imagine the impossible. Working with us is so much fun, you might be surprised at how much we accomplish in so little time.
So do you wanna know the best part? I bet you do, you already have everything you need to get started. Snap a picture of your face or your friends face and send it to us at twin@agm.tw And if you like what you see, contact us — we'd love to hear from you.