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Check out mobiART!

Art at your fingertips.

mobiART is a new, sophisticated method for artists, galleries and collectors of fine art to connect, buy and sell fine art pieces. mobiART's unique image recognition technology uses any camera-enabled mobile device to identify, catalog and market artworks.

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Check out mobiCARD!

Do more than send a card.

mobiCARD connects card senders and recipients with personalized video or text messages that are delivered to the recipient’s mobile phone or other mobile device. mobiCARD is fun, easy to use and makes any occasion all the more special and personal!

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Check out mobiWINE!

Your wine is one click away

mobiWine is a new mobile phone application for wineries, vintners, distributors, restaurants and consumers of fine wines. mobiWine allows consumers to easily order wine by the bottle or case using only a camera-enabled mobile phone and the free Mobius image recognition software. mobiWine is free, fun and as easy to use as point-click-send.

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Check out mobiPET!

Bringing the power of mobile networking to your search for a lost pet

Mobius image recognition software has developed mobiPET, a mobile phone-based application that helps reunite lost pets and owners. mobiPET is a free* service that brings the power of mobile networking to a search for a lost pet.
mobiPET collar tags will soon be available at popular pet stores, veterinary clinics and animal shelters. The collar tags are free, as is the lost pet alert notification service.

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Check out mobiBIZ!

Mobile Phone-Based Contact Management System with Facial Recognition

To use mobiBIZ, a user registers and enters contact information along with a few different facial images. Upon completing this process, a mobiBIZ member making an introduction simply asks a new business acquaintance to, "Take a photo of my face and send it to mobiBIZ!" The face recognition technology will automatically identify the member and respond with vCard electronic contact information and the member's facial image.

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Check out mobiLUX!

New Mobile Technology Fights International Luxury Goods Counterfeiting

The most advanced consumer protection system in the world, mobiLUX is a new anti-counterfeiting technology that assures buyers that they are receiving real, branded luxury products. mobiLUX also provides local, federal and international law enforcement agencies with a tool to immediately determine the status of any luxury good. Additionally, mobiLUX offers supply chain tracking and consumer-direct marketing channels for manufacturers and retailers.

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Check out mobiSHADES!

Personal, On-the-Go Fashion Eyewear Display for Mobile Devices

Mobius image recognition software has developed mobiSHADES: a new mobile phone application that allows customers to “try on” different styles of designer sunglasses at anytime, anywhere that wireless phone service is available. Mobius image recognition software has been used worldwide in a variety of mobile applications from advertising to food security, and mobiSHADES is the latest development application for the technology.

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