got milk?

Mobius just launched a national program with the "Got Milk" campaign.

It features a full-page ad in USA Today, Rolling Stone and People as well as Teen Vogue and Girl's Life magazines on newsstands now. The ad features "The Hills" reality show star Lauren Conrad and is being produced by Deutsch, A Lowe and Partners Company, which is the creative agency for the Body by MilkĀ® campaign funded by America's Milk Processors.

With the "Got Milk" Image that you see there is no barcode or QR code in the ad, and there is no creative intrusion from the ad or distraction with the technology. Mobius works with all media types, print, TV, PC even in person. Take a picture of the ad, with a camera phone and send it to, see what happens.

"The beauty of the Mobius approach in this application is multifold," said Aram Kovach, CEO of Mobius. "First, our youth are very phone-savvy, they're willing to explore new avenues for using their mobile phones, and this ad is targeted at young women. Secondly, Mobius bridges the gap between print media and electronic media, which is always a challenge for marketers. Mobius does that without making the print media irrelevant. In this case users need the ad image to make it work. Mobius actually ads value to the magazine and the ad placement by expanding their offerings, lifespan, and reach."

Lauren Conrad

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