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Mobius Technology


There are 3.6 billion cell phones used in the world today, with 263 million in the US, alone. The current prediction is that in America there will be 140 million smart phones activated in 2010. This charge is being led by the success of the iPhone and the numerous manufacturers attempting to compete.

We are at a convergence of technology, where cell phone saturation and power has intersected broadband coverage. People are using their phones for more functions than ever before. The time is right to provide a portal into the digital universe through the lens of the ubiquitous cell phone.

Enter Mobius. With our pull or permission based advertising, users play an active roll in the information they receive. This less invasive, interactive component is something of a Holy Grail for advertisers; consumers have to actually engage the promotion in order for activity to occur. Opt-in, interactive marketing….the future of advertising.

Even with the current economic downturn, mobile marketing is one of the few sectors continuing to expand its reach. All forecast for the coming year show increased penetration and emphasis by advertisers in this emerging sector.

How It Works

The Mobius engine uses powerful algorithms for full image recognition. It can also recognize bar codes, Quick Response (QR) Codes, two dimensional (2D) or Datamatrix codes for recognition. We use a proprietary extraction of feature vectors from key interest points, and then compare the corresponding vectors, effectively learning along the way. The more it is used, the better is gets. The similarity measurement and comparison against a threshold will determine if the object is a match.

Mobius can recognize objects for multiple viewpoints and from a wide variety of sources, even low resolution camera phones. We utilize3 a coarse to fine, simple to complex recognition strategy, including color histograms and texture descriptors.